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Bantalan Kursi Massage Cervical untuk Mobil, Dapat Menghangatkan

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Product Parameters:

Product Weight: 1.2kg

Product Size: 115*49cm

Color Box Size: 49*11*34cm

Outer box Size: 56*50*70cm

Number of boxes: 10

Microcomputer Car massage mat, into a new health concept, the use of advanced computer chips and digital technology, its excellent mechanical and electrical integration design and microcomputer control circuit can be based on human skeleton distribution and muscle acupoint structure, simulation massage therapist massage techniques, so that you enjoy "a variety of methods, repeated massage." Adjust the balance of yin and yang, enhance blood circulation, activate the body cell tissue, promote metabolism, improve the body's immune and joint activity, to eliminate fatigue, reduce the effectiveness of muscle pain, let you in the tension of the ride to relax and relaxation, to eliminate the physical and mental tension caused by the various sub-health state. The "Ten" features of micro-computer car massage mat

1, the use of computer chips and digital control technology, break the traditional concept, will be powerful percussion, intelligent vibration massage into a.

2, percussion, massage, vibration, magnetic therapy organic combination, the first powerful tapping, intelligent massage hybrid control mode.

3, simulated professional massage therapist massage techniques.

4, dynamic, static magnetic field organic combination, massage effect is better.

5, health, leisure Unified embodiment, create a new concept of health massage.

6, computer automatic timing, built-in over-temperature protection device and overload fuse, use more secure.

7, in line with ergonomic principles of soft design, choice of luxurious fabrics, style generous, use more comfortable.

8, the use of intelligent control, truly "human hard" to achieve a non-general enjoyment.

9, a variety of massage methods, combination adjustment freely.

10, easy to operate, easy to carry, car power and AC power supply can be.

Product Features: This product uses 12V safe voltage Regulator power supply, microcomputer control, 8 kinds of massage mode free exchange, 5-30 minutes timing adjustable, automatic shutdown, multi-functional omni-directional vibration massage, car room dual-use, portable, can sit can lie.

This product main part: 5 vibrating motor, hand control and drive circuit board, power adapter, car cigarette burner plug.

How to use the operation:

1. After power-up, press the power button (/) to start the operation.

2. According to (Function), choose 1-8 kinds of massage mode, can cycle switch.

3. Press (Timer), select 15 minutes and 30 minutes of working time, automatic shutdown.

4. According to (intensity), the strength of three gears adjustable.

5. Press (Heat), heating indicator light, rapid heating.

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